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When I began this blog just over a year ago I wanted to share my thoughts on the books I read. In researching how others go about blogging book reviews I found that most bloggers did not want to review books from self published authors, instead preferring to write reviews of books published by big name publishing houses, the books you will find in your local bookstore. I heard stories about how self published books are poorly edited and how these books were not worth my reading time. But as I reviewed the same books as everyone else I began to wonder if my time was being well used, just adding to many other reviews of the same books. And I was wondering about all the self published books I was seeing on Amazon and other sites.

So I took a break. And I have been busy, Very busy. I have read many self published books and have found that they are often the same quality, or better, than the books I read that were being published by the big houses. Yes, I have found some books that could have used some editing, but as a whole, I believe that I have been missing some great reads by restricting self published books. I want to let you know about the great books I have found, so my blog will now reviewing self published books, with a few books published by big houses thrown in too. I hope you will find this helpful, and open yourself up to these authors. Like most everything else in our world, the growth of the internet has changed the publishing world, and there are now more options open to authors besides waiting for their works to be accepted by publishing houses. I never thought I would come to love my Kindle more than real books, but I have. And it makes reading the self published novels easy and affordable. I hope you will give it a try. I welcome your thoughts on this, please let me know if you like the new direction my blog is taking.

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I review mostly Young Adult literature, any genre. I also review other fiction, especially horror, science fiction and historical novels. I also have occasional giveaways.