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Author: Carrie Ryan
Published: March 22, 2011
Pages: 384 pages
Rating: 4/5 Stars

The third and final book in the Forest of Hands and Teeth Trilogy finds Annah living alone in The Dark City (later revealed as New York City). It has been three years since Elias left her and she decides to leave, believing he will never return. Just as she leaves she see her twin sister Gabry entering the city. What follows is her search for her sister, finding out about Catcher and the return of Elias. Any further information would spoil the book, something I don't do on this blog.

This book is closely related to the second in the trilogy. Many of the characters are the same. The introduction of Annah is a wonderful treat. She is a character who is in pain over leaving her sister behind and feels worthless and angry as she struggles to survive. The undead zombies are prominent in this installment, always seeking live flesh, and they add a dark, scary flavor to the story. Danger is constantly present and it is a struggle to survive. As in the previous books the writing here is beautiful and haunting, making the reader think while feeling the emotions displayed by the characters.

In the end the book is about life and the choices we make on how to live it. Do you limit yourself, keeping safe while missing all that life holds? Does one take a chance on love, knowing that pain and heartache can follow? This is a wonderful book and it provides a satisfying end to the trilogy. While you can read this one without having read the others in the series, the second book will provide a lot of the story about what has happened in the lives of the main characters prior to this book.

Rating: An excellent book that you will enjoy

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